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In Defense

It's part of the process. It's not just good, it's necessary.

· Defense,Investigation,Course

Criminal charges are devastating to a person. Anyone. A good defense is necessary. A strong defense is necessary. A thorough defense is necessary.

This course offers a glimpse into the actual day to day work of a defense investigator. It's not always sexy (almost never is), but it is fulfilling.

You do not have to gain a certificate to be a good defense investigator. In fact, certificates are - by and large - useless pieces of paper. You do have to be curious. You do have to be persistent. You do have to be willing to talk to people.

Join us in this journey of exploring the ins and outs of criminal defense. Tomorrow, we'll have a look at why this work matter and offer some ideas of how you might start your career as a defense investigator.

See you then.