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Beginning again

New things for the new year.

· Musings,Lessons,Personal

Here we go. Time again to reflect on another year nearly past and things learned. Here are some of the little tidbits I've picked up along the way in 2016.

- No matter how much I know, I can always stand to learn more.

- The older I get, the less I am certain.

- I really enjoy introducing cool people.

- I adore a good story.

- I despise meanness.

- I still find walking to be my favorite exercise.

- When I take the time to practice yoga, my mind is clearer, my body works better, and I sleep better.

- Hangovers last longer the older I get.

- Attending Mass is a pretty good way to spend a Sunday morning.

- I really enjoy cooking a good meal and sharing it with friends.

- I like a mantra.

- "I believe ...." is likely to be followed with a dearth of facts.

- "I read on the internet ...." is likely to be followed with a dearth of facts.

- People are innocent unless proven guilty. (Sadly, I fear many people don't agree with me on this.)

- Some people are just that dumb.

- Some people are just that smart.

- Some people have their heads up their asses.

- Some people are truly thoughtful.

- I am occasionally each of the above.

- If I show interest in a new television show, someone will -without fail- condescend to me about why that show is intellectually beneath them.  

- I can not stand people who sell snake oil.

- I can not abide self-righteousness.

- People seem to love drama.

- There are some amazing professionals in my line of work.

- True professionals share their knowledge.

- I am lucky to work with incredibly smart and fervent defense attorneys.