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Hi My Name Is: Hal - Coloring Books, Highlights, and Weekly Reader

Brands strive for engagement, interaction, feedback. Marketing experts, people who "... eat inspiration and s#!* success," chase trends: 

If you're not on Twitter, you're losing the race.

If you're not pinning on Pinterest, your business will fail.

If you're still using Facebook, you're so behind the times.

If you're not sharing on Instagram, you're an idiot.

I find it difficult to keep up with which social media platform is at its peak, which is waning, and which is about to take off.

I saw an idea the other day that tapped into a distant memory: Sitting in a doctor's office in 1975, that antiseptic smell, the nurse with the white uniform and the hat. The doctor was a GP. He treated kids, moms, and dads. In the magaizine rack there was always a copy of Highlights. That little magazine had the coolest games. "Find the difference" puzzles. Word search puzzles. It was engaging.

My wife, Kim Green, remembers a similar pub from that era: Weekly Reader was her go-to source for interactive fun. 

Here's the thing: While Twitter enjoys its meteoric ascent, peaks, and then slowly falls back through the stratosphere, burning off layers on reentry ... While Facebook struggles to find a way to squeeze dollars out of every possible crevice ... While Pinterest dies on the vine and Instagram leads the pack ...

Highlights is still in print and has a circulation of over 2,000,000. Nearly eight million readers pick up and read Scholastic News every week. (Scholastic News is what became of Weekly Reader.) These are print publicaions that have been around since the early 1900's. 

I embrace digital. I get that social media is necessary for engagement.

The idea I saw that sent me wandering down these paths was a markteting guide designed like a coloring/activity book. It was brilliant. We're working on a new day-long seminar with Pursuit Magazine. I'm thinking ... maybe an activity book might be a good idea. For starters, you could check out this cool word search puzzle.


Hi My Name Is: Hal - Market

Market is a noun. We started to use it as a verb years ago, but it was first a simple noun: An area or arena where commercial dealings are conducted. One of the largest arenas today is online. 

Here's a question: What's your market? 

Are your clients local attorneys and businesses? Do you get work through word of mouth and referals? If so, maybe consider using your web presence as verification instead of advertising or promoting. 


Hi My Name Is: Hal - Maximize

Bob Garfield offers this exchange in his book, Can't Buy Me Like:

"Honey, don't you want to hit the snooze button?"

"Nah. I have to go maximize shareholder value."

It's a conversation that has never taken place. It's absurd.

My friend Ben Goldberg creates restaurants. He's successful. He has investors. Ben's success is due, in large part, to his approach to people. 

"I always default to the customer experience." Ben says.

Using this model, maximizing shareholder value is a byproduct. 


Hi My Name Is: Hal - Public Speaking


We've been on the road a lot this year. The Pursuit Road Show traveled to North Carolina, South Carolina, Chicago, Texas, Nashville, Memphis, Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach all in the past few months. 

Why? To share stories. 

Here's what people are saying:

"As the Director of a state association, it is sometimes difficult to find speakers on a national level without having an advanced opportunity to listen to their presentation – therefore, you don’t always know what you are getting.  Hal condensed what could have been a two or three hour presentation into one hour and used his working knowledge of the craft to give a thought provoking and sometimes humorous presentation.  He provided professional content and used the graphics and visual aids of his presentation to his advantage which engaged the private investigators in attendance.  Thanks Hal."

Ken Walter - SC Association of Legal Investigators (SCALI)

"Our group was so impressed with his topics and his presentation that we have asked him to do a repeat performance at our next conference.  Hal has a personality that transcends many different levels.  He is witty, entertaining and uses that to drive home his message.  I personally feel that I made a friend and a new colleague in Hal Humphreys."

Sandy Russell - NC Association of Private Investigators (NCAPI)

The Pursuit Road show may be in your area soon.  


Hi My Name Is: Hal - Gaming the system

Keyword rich landing page. Keyword rich posts. Keyword rich ...

The following construct may get you some traffic. 

"If you're looking for an Anytown, Anystate private investigator, PBJ Investigations in Anytown, Anystate offers detective services in the Anytown, Anystate area."

But ... I would argue that anyone who reads the above sentence will bounce in the two seconds it takes to read the first line. Try this instead: Tell good stories that are relevant to your audience. 

Tell real stories. Share useful information. Be real

Yeah, it takes more time, but in the long term you'll gain more.